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As we move forward in this period of the catechumentate, we, the family of God at St. Joseph Parish, as the Christian faithful, now become the community in which God has placed those currently preparing for baptism and/or full communion.   We are their example and their source of love and support for this part of the journey.

             What do they need/seek?  They tell us in their answers to the questions posed of them in the opening dialogue of the recently celebrated rite of acceptance/welcoming.  How can you be their love and support?

What do you ask of God’s Church?

“baptism and community”  - Josh Ford

“deeper understanding of the Faith”  - Natalia Cameron

“to join my wife and children in the Catholic faith”  - Chris Fox

“leadership and direction”  - Annetta Lancaster

“to grow deeper in my relationship with God”  - Cynthia Townsend

“full communion”  - Phillip Townsend

What do you ask of this faith community?

“love and acceptance”  - Josh Ford

“a helping hand for the journey”  - Natalia Cameron

“patience and understanding during my transition”  - Chris Fox

“your support, encouragement and prayers”  - Annetta Lancaster

“to keep me accountable to my goal (of growing deeper in relationship with God)”  - Cynthia Townsend

“accountability and guidance”  - Phillip Townsend

~~~   Come Holy Spirit!  Enkindle in us all the fire of Your love!   ~~~

Call us if you have questions: Deacon Don Craighead, Director, 615-870-0488; Bill Chalfin, 615-948-0529;

Al Fleck, 615-868-5650; Debra Head, 615-851-1908; Don Steinhilber, 615-265-8375

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      The RCIA—not just a ministry but the ministry of the Church!